A Brief History of Backpacks and Their Use

Backpacks are carried on the back with two straps that sling on the shoulders or hand-carried. they are preferred for heavy loads because the shoulders provide decent support. Large backpacks support the weight onto padded hip belts permitting the shoulder straps to hold the weight better.

The etymology of the word 'backpacks' originated in the United States in the late 1800s and despite other variations on the term continues to be the most popular form used today; the second most common being the abbreviated 'pack'.

Backpacks are heavily worn by students and are used to carry books and other school supplies from home to school and from class to class. Most children call these backpacks - 'book bags'. these are softer and have a few larger pockets for holding other things like lunch boxes. While simply designed, backpacks are now manufactured with pads, reflectors and are decorates with logos.

Backpacks are also an important accessory item. Leather bag packs for women can be as small as a purse and are considered to be modern, chic and practical. Particularly fashionable are slung which is a cross between backpacks and purses.

Many backpacks are designed to carry important items. Examples include backpacks for laptops and cameras. Laptop bag packs provide a 'crush zone' for the laptop in case the backpacks are dropped.

rucksacks are used in the military and for the great outdoors. Known as external frame backpacks, these backpacks are manufactured and tied to a metal frame.

Backpacks are also excellent carry-ons. Hiking backpacks are popular with campers, hikers and other outdoorsmen.

Internal frame backpacks are made for hiking too. These are complex as backpacks go. Compared to other types, hiking backpacks carry more weight and go around the shoulders and hips. These packs have multiple compartments inside. Furthermore, you will find external pockets too. Hiking packs are about 1 meter tall and can be filled with all needed essentials. Smaller backpacks are purchased for shorter stays.

Backpacks are made from canvas, ballistic nylon, or full-grain leather. These backpacks are made for outside. smaller packs are bought in urban areas for people who like to walk around but really aren't for hiking or camping.

The traditional backpacks utilize a rigid external frame strapped on the back with a bag and other items. External frame backpacks are made to carry around 20 kilograms plus. Wooden frame backpacks have been around for hundreds of years with a light metal frame replacing the wood in the 1900s. To reduce weight further, modern backpacks use lightweight aluminum tubes which are very strong.

The frame typically has supports, straps, and pads to keep the load off of the body. This lets the wearer sweat and stay cool. The fabric of the backpacks is sewn onto the frames but the frames stick out on top and bottom of these backpacks. At the top and bottom of these hiking backpacks, there is space to carry items like tents. Typically external frames are less popular than internal frame backpacks.

Internal frame backpacks are useful but the key difference is that the frames are part of these backpacks. Complex systems of straps work to evenly distribute the load. The result is snug hiking backpacks which can be maneuvered easily. However, they do not ventilate as easily. Also, internal frame backpacks have internal compartments Internal frame backpacks used to be very uncomfortable, but modern backpacks are much better.

Hiking backpacks are also sold without frames. The big advantage is that you don't have to carry the weight of the frame around.

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