By all means, Authentic Leather is much more expensive than so-called genuine leather or pleather, however, with meticulous effort, you can find a great buy at a much more affordable price. And If what you want is a leather bag that will last many years and quite literally may last a lifetime, make certain you are obtaining an Authentic leather Bag, Below is a helpful guide to making the best choice.

• Authentic Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather originates from the top layer of the hide. It includes the entire grain with it, consequently named full-grain leather. This type of leather preserves the inherent toughness, as well as the imperfections because there are never surface alterations or splitting.

It is the highest quality of leather and the only one fitting for handcrafting saddleback leather and saddleback leather will literally last forever, Hence it is also the most expensive. Working with this type of leather material is challenging. It absorbs oils and develops a patina over time, And it is a characteristic that contributes to and makes it extremely popular.

•Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is second to full-grain leather. Ordinarily, to obtain top grain leather, the top layer of skin that is blemished is split and The outside is sanded to rid the hide of natural imperfections. dying and staining give the leather a beautiful appearance.

Moreover, this makes top grain leather smoother and more flexible than full-grain. Although this sort of leather is strong, very smooth, and durable, It tends to stretch over time. It is also used to produce suede and nubuck leather, Most high-end commodities, such as handbags, messenger bags, and jackets, are composed of top grain leather. (see image below)

Authentic Leather Bag

•Corrected leather (Bottom Cut/Split) Leather

Corrected grain or split leather, mostly named genuine leather, is created using the skin layer that remains after the top grain is split off from the corium. Split leather is tougher in texture and the way it feels because it is under the top layers and is essentially used in applications that do not require the leather to be soft. Quite like top grain leather, it is also sanded to eliminate natural imperfections.

Ordinarily, the surface is spray painted and embossed with a leather-like pattern to approximate a natural appearance. However, the processing changes the inherent breathability of authentic leather.

•Bonded Leather (Also claimed to be genuine leather)

Bonded or PU leather is composed of leftovers, dust, and shavings of the hide, These are bonded collectively using polyurethane, glue, and latex on top of a fiber sheet. It is oftentimes spray painted to resemble full or top grain leather. You can’t determine the amount of natural leather unless the manufacturer chooses to reveal it, which is extremely unlikely. Bonded leather is the lowest, cheapest, and the poorest grade of leather.


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