How To Identify A Phony Authentic Leather Bag When Buying Online

If you want to buy an authentic top quality leather bag online, the ability to Distinguish fakes, phonies, and knockoffs from the genuine article is a helpful skill! Luckily, there are some easily identifiable characteristics that you can look for when you're shopping

A genuine leather bag will have high-quality leather, hardware, and zippers, accurate high-quality stitching, and almost always has a warranty and money-back guarantee. 

Avoid vendors or merchants who have not been verified/certified through security sites such as google safe browsing  Mcafee trusted site  Sitechecker Pro and the websites in store verified reviews and always go to a certified and secure authentic leather website to make sure you're buying the real thing!

The following are tips and advice on buying online

1.Research the merchant

The source can tell you a lot about the possibility of a handbag being counterfeit, so it's important to do some research. Check out the website's FAQs section, About Us, and Contact pages, and make sure they have a legitimate customer service department. If the shop or website doesn't look and feel high-end, chances are it's not, and chances are neither are the products.example:

2. Confirm Authenticity

Does the website merchant you are buying from specifically state that everything they sell is guaranteed to be authentic? Many websites will mislead you with phrases such as “guaranteed original”, “genuine leather” or "100% new," which is not the same as "guaranteed authentic Leather bags." (Or, on the other hand, they might not mention anything at all, which is a giveaway, too.) 

 3. Check the Images Carefully

Don't buy an item against a stock image. Most shops have product zoom features so that you can view images very close and see the finer details, Images that show the front, back, top, sides, and inside angles of the bag are essential. if you are still not sure, legitimate shops will not hesitate to email you additional product images at your request and usually within a short period and sometimes immediately

4. Expect the price to be on the heftier side

Authentic leather bags of high quality are expensive for a reason. There is a great deal that happens during the production of these pieces. and the cost of fine premium leather hides.are also expensive

The manufacturing of synthetic leather bags is not only growing but proliferating and they are far cheaper to make and becoming easier to pass off as authentic leather, All it really means is it’s getting tougher for folks to easily spot a fake.

It might be tempting to grab that “on-sale” leather handbag, backpack or messenger bag online, but make sure you can trust the retailer before clicking the buy button. Since counterfeiting leather bags is very rampant these days, it’s best to only buy from trusted retailers so that you won’t be ripped off.


The federal government said it had seized enough counterfeit Gucci bags, Hermes belts, and Tory Burch purses to fill 22 shipping containers, in a six-year investigation into the importation and sale of fake luxury goods that ended on Thursday with charges filed against 33 people. The individuals were charged with conspiracy, trafficking in counterfeit goods and trademark counterfeiting.

Authorities estimated that the loss in retail value to the United States was nearly a half-billion dollars. In 2012, federal authorities in Newark, N.J., charged 29 people with trying to smuggle $325 million worth of fake goods into the country.

excerpt credit New York Times.

Platinum Leather Emporium  8/Dec/2019

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