How To Choose A Quality Leather Bag

Buying a leather bag can be complicated. The market is overfilled with tawdry fake leathers, inferior quality craftsmanship, and hardware that snaps and breaks after a short time. To isolate the well made from the cheap imitations, we extend this buying leather advice to get insight into what goes on with leather bag crafting

When people were going through the academy, college or school, common nylon backpacks were a traditional way to carry your everyday necessities,
Now that times have changed, however, simplistic and functional leather bags for individuals are more suitable.
Think of a new leather bag as an investment that can return The benefits of functionality and satisfaction.

Authentic Leather or Fake Leather?

If there is any concern as to whether a bag is made from authentic leather or bogus leather, don't buy it. Quality leather is a natural material, and nothing artificial will ever have an equivalent level of quality or endurance.

Look for full or top grain leather when selecting your bag, and also watch for so-called genuine leather which comes from the bottom of the split hide, This leather has no natural grain so it is either embossed or processed into suede.
The split is inferior to the top grain both in thickness fiber strength and typically found in garments and cheaper upholstery

Articles that are stamped genuine leather rather than full-grain are usually leather splits taken from the underside of the hides, stamped with a simulated grain pattern, then glazed with a painted surface (PU leather) to mirror full-grain leather. This can be very deceitful, as these leathers will not be nearly as soft or durable.

Determining Leather Quality

Two factors ultimately determine the quality and price of leather: the hide selection and the tanning process

Tanning is the process of treating hides of animals to produce leather making it more durable and less susceptible to breakdown. Traditionally, tanning uses tannin, an acidic chemical compound acquired from the bark of oak or fir trees.

Tanning can be performed with either vegetable or mineral processes. Before tanning, the skins are unhaired, degreased, desalted and immersed in water over a duration of 6 hours to sometimes days, Coloring may also appear during the tanning process.

Linings And Fabric
Consider the long term when it comes to the lining, Any bag linings should be made from 1oo% high-grade cotton or canvas and should perform over a prolonged period of time, Anything flimsy or second standard on the inside reveals the overall craftsmanship and expected lifespan of the leather bag. and recognize that you're probably going to be tough on it.

Hardwear and Zippers

Hardware and zippers are a very essential component of a bag and should never be compromised. Once a zipper fails, a bag will become dysfunctional, Brass is generally the option for a quality zipper, The highest quality zippers have teeth that are not sharp and a slider that is likewise made from brass

Most zipper breaks occur when the fabric along the edges of the teeth has worn through, so you need to look for a very strong zipper and fabric. It's also important that zippers be inserted into the bag accurately and operate easily.
Ultimately the weight & size of the zipper should be appropriate for the size of the bag, considering you will likely overfill it at some point.

Handles and Straps
The handles should feel comfortable and strong and are your first contact with the bag, these should feel comfy in the hand and be assembled from multiple layers of stacked leather (they should not feel flimsy or unstable).

Handles should also not be so long that the bag will swing when walking because this will increase tension to the bag's focal points

There should be an extra layer of tack stitching where the handle meets the bag, along with additional reinforcement behind the point of contact to avoid pulling through.

Determining your ideal size is considerably important. an office or work bag should be compact and allow you to bring your laptop, a bottle of water and some files. On the opposite hand, A bag meant for the beach needs to be large enough to accommodate a towel, sunscreen, some clothes, snacks, and other items. Make sure to ascertain your favored size before acquiring a bag

Conclusively, quality leather bags should have a soft, supple touch that is naturally appealing and alluring. It should not resemble vinyl or any
other artificial material and Avoid anything artificial that is not full or top grain leather, these "leathers" will not have the same clarity, durability, strength or benefits. of aging and enduring

Take your time and do some research and you will come away with a fine durable leather bag.

Best Regards Platinum Leather Emporium

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