Searching For A New Leather Bag? Why Are They So Expensive?

Okay, So your casting about looking for a new leather bag or replacing your old one. Do you buy the cheapest one you can find? or go for the high-quality expensive one? It is possible to get a handcrafted genuine leather bag at a reasonable price, you just need to know what you're looking for, how to look for it and where to look for it.

Let's start with what you're looking for

First, you want your Leather bag to look great and complement your personal style, wardrobe, and attire, This is a matter of your own unique taste and preferences and that is a decision left entirely up to you, so shop for what you believe suits you, There is a myriad of choices.

Next, you want a bag to be durable, lasting (one that has a warranty) and of exceptional quality, and let's not forget affordable. Here is a list of the types of leather materials that are used in manufacturing  leather bags

Top-grain leather includes the outer layer of the hide, known as the grain, which features finer, more densely packed fibers, resulting in strength and durability. Types of top-grain leather include:

Full-grain leather contains the entire grain layer, without any removal of the surface. Rather than wearing out, it develops a patina during its useful lifetime. It is considered the highest quality leather.

Nubuck is top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface.

PU is split leather that has a polyurethane or vinyl layer applied to the surface and embossed to give it the appearance of a grain. It is slightly stiffer than top-grain leather but cracks and wears very quickly also it is a poor choice for Leather Bags.

There is another type of leather called ZOA that is developing and is grown in a lab, read more at

As you can see top grain leather is best and also the most expensive, on the other hand, it will last many, many years if properly cared for, Any other leather material is an inferior product and PU or artificial leather is the cheapest and a waste of hard-earned money


Another important factor is the cost of the raw material that is almost half the price of a leather bag, Synthetic substitutes such as faux (PU) leather (a textile coated to mimic the feel and appearance of leather) are inexpensive to produce. Therefore cheaper to buy.

Genuine leather comes from animal skins that may have traces of bites, scratches and other defects. That being said, the larger a piece is with very few damaged parts, the more expensive it is. Once the skin has been selected, it is also necessary to add tanning processes and different treatments so that the leather is ready to be transformed. 
Let's sum it up:
Buy what pleases you.
Look for retailers of leather bags that offer only genuine top-grain leather, have an extended warranty and are well trusted. start with google and search for handcrafted genuine leather bags
And lastly, View buyer's reviews and remember to shop around, you want a leather bag that is going to withstand hard use and the test of time.
Best regards
Shop well, Shop safely!

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