Handmade from the Finest Full and Top grain Cowhide or Genuine Goat leather and lined with high-quality 100% cotton or Premium canvas, Our leather bags are handcrafted by artisans who have been handcrafting and working with leather most of their lives.

Naturally tanned so they soften and deepen in color. Hand cut and double stitched for strength and lasting durability. The Bags darken with use and get softer as they age leaving them more durable and attractive.

These leather bags are rugged, sturdy, built with the finest materials by highly skilled craftsmen and have a money-back guarantee. (select returns/warranty and refunds) In the blue link below for further information.



  • Full-grain leather contains the entire grain layer, without any removal of the surface. Rather than wearing out, it develops a natural patina during its useful lifetime, It is considered the highest quality of leathers, High End leather bags, Furniture and footwear are often made from full-grain leather. And Full-Grain leather is typically finished with a soluble aniline dye.

  • Top-grain leather includes the outer layer of the hide, known as top grain, which features finer, more densely packed fibers, resulting in strength and durability. 

  • Top-grain leather has been sanded or buffed on the grain side to give a slight nap of short protein fibers, producing a velvet-like surface. These are the full and top grain leathers we use for our bags

  • PU or Pleather (OFTEN CALLED GENUINE LEATHER) is split leather taken from the lowest, poorest underlayer portion of cowhide that has a polyurethane or vinyl glue layer applied to the surface and embossed to give it the appearance of a grain. It is slightly stiffer than top-grain leather but cracks and wears very quickly and is the poorest choice for Leather Bags.

We have a wide selection of leather handbags, canvas bags, messenger bags and backpacks inspired by the time-honored traditions of the past. custom handmade and crafted just for you alone and they are each truly one of a kind.

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