We guarantee every Platinum Leather Emporium Leather product against material and workmanship defect for the life of the purchaser.

We also guarantee your absolute satisfaction. If your purchase does not live up to your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your product.

Lifetime Guarantee:

If your product breaks as a result of normal wear and tear we will fix it or replace it for as long as you own it, What constitutes normal wear and tear? Simple, using it for its intended purpose day in and day out.

For example if you choose to use the shoulder strap to tow your buddy's truck to the shop and it breaks. Well, that's kind of a risky idea, but it's not covered. We'll replace the strap for you, however you will pay for it.

If you're carrying your bag to work and a rivet pops out that's covered. We'll fix it. See the difference?

About our products: Full Grain Leather by its nature has some scars (due to markings/cuts on the skin) which reconfirms that it is 100% pure and gives it a perfect vintage look.

Also, each bag has a different shade and it might be a little different from given pictures which makes each bag unique. Each bag is specially handcrafted for you so there might be a slightly different look to the leather. Some of our customers usually like the leather smell, some don't. 

All returns are to be sent to:

123 S. McMullen Booth Road Suite 119

Clearwater FL, 33759-4422

Thank you for your interest,

Platinum Leather Emporium

Further Information

You can contact us using both email and contact form (BLACK TAB) at the left side of any page, You can have any of our leather bags custom handcrafted and select leather color size, inner fabric lining and color. You can also review our shipping policy shipping rates and expedited delivery cost

Our leather craft artisans meticulously handcraft and sew by hand all of our Authentic Leather Handbags Backpacks Travel Bags & Luggage so that each one is a unique creation and you can be assured that what you have is a personal one of a kind.